Stretch & Release

This class aims to improve flexibility and rejuvenate tired muscles! Flexibility is a vital and often neglected area of exercise. Better flexibility assists in improving physical performance and reducing injuries by enabling joints to move through their full range of motion and increasing blood flow to muscles. This class will work through various stretches, pressure point and fascia releases and may use props to assist. Suitable for people of all abilities.

These sessions are a great way for beginners or those with injuries to be introduced to the techniques and principles of Yoga and Pilates.

Pilates Privates

Private Pilates classes will work on the reformer, mat and other studio equipment for more specific individual needs.

Yoga Privates

Private Yoga classes are tailored to the individual and can focus on physical postures, meditation, breathing techniques or other areas of yoga theory.

Privates and Semi Privates are appointment only. Please contact the studio for bookings and more information


Designed for those who are new to Pilates. A full body workout using spring loaded resistance conducted on the Pilates Reformer. Tones arms, legs and abdominals and improves posture and flexibility. Lengthens and strengthens muscles without building bulk. Adjustable springs allow for all levels of ability. Suitable for those recovering from injury and postnatal clients.

Total Body

This class is the next level of progression for reformer fundamentals. Exercises become more challenging, each part of your body will be targeted to get an all over workout, using various training modalities to target all major muscle groups focusing on strength, conditioning, range of motion, core and pelvic stability.


Release your inner athlete. This high intensity session will incorporate cardio and strength components as well as simple and dynamic exercises designed to challenge your fitness. The class may include jump board, balls, bands, sliding discs and dumbbells to increase the intensity.


A full body workout involving more complex repertoire and sequencing. A strong and challenging class for students wanting to build on the foundations developed in Reformer Fundamentals and Reformer Total Body. Not suitable for those with certain injuries (please give us a call and check in) or during pregnancy.